Appointment Information:
The Hackensack Allergy and Asthma Center does NOT participate with all insurances and their respective plans. We have a list of plans which we participate with below, if your plan is not listed please call your insurance company to confirm we participate with your plan.

Participating Insurances List

We participate with all of the following insurances and plans (unless stated otherwise):
  • Aetna 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO (We participate with most plans, please confirm with insurance)
  • Blue Card PPO and Omnia (Tier 1)
  • Cigna (except the Local Plus Networks/starting Jan. 1st, 2022 we will be Tier 2)
  • Horizon Blue Cross Union Plans (Patient needs to check with their local office first)
  • Horizon Direct Access, NJ Direct, NJ Direct 10, NJ Direct 15, HMP (Referral), POS, PPO
  • Medicare 
  • Multiplan 
**All Insurances with a deductable/co-insurance will require a credit card authorization form on file**

Tests Offered:
Skin Tests (Environmental;  Foods; Penicillin)
Patch Tests (General; Cosmetic; Metal)
Lung Tests (Spirometry; Bronchospastic Evaluation; FeNO)

Penicillin Testing

As a doctor specializing in allergy, Dr. Selvaggi is acutely aware of the impact of inappropriate antibiotic selection in patients with a questionable history of penicillin allergy or a remote history of penicillin allergy.  

Did You Know?*
  • 10% of the population lists penicillin as an allergy
  • A recent Kaiser Permanente Study shows that patients with a penicillin allergy revealed 30% more VRE, 23% more C. diff., and 14% more MRSA
  • In the year after elective penicillin skin testing, the total cost for antibiotics for these patients fell 32%
​​​​​​​Most insurers cover the test above, however it is your responsibility to contact your insurance to check your coverage.
*Macy, Eric, Contreras. “Health Care Use and Serious Infection Prevalence Associated with Penicillin ‘Allergy’ in Hospitalized Patients: A Cohort Study.” The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Mar. 2014

Metal Contact Allergy Testing

Metal Allergy Symptoms
Symptoms of a skin (cutaneous reaction can include:
  • Rash
  • Hives
  • Blisters
  • Swelling of skin tissue
​​​​​​​Most insurers cover the test, however it is your responsibility to contact your insurance to check your coverage.

This document provides details of our procedure for metal patch testing.

Download File

Procedures Offered:
Desensitization (Environmental [pollens, pets, dust mite]; Rapid desensitizations; Medications)
Oral Challenges  (Food, Medication)
Immune Infusions (Intravenous Immunoglobulin [IVIG] for immune reconstitution and neurologic therapies)

New Patient Appointment Information:
The new patient forms must be completed prior to your appointment. To adhere to Covid safety measures, you are no longer allowed to complete the forms in the waiting area.
Along with the new patient forms, please come in with your up-to-date insurance and ID cards.
You must arrive 15 minutes early to your appointment- with all of your documents -so we can process you prior to your appointment start time.
Please note there will be NO entry allowed without a mask, unless you have been vaccinated. Please travel alone if possible.
If applicable; provide COVID 19 vaccine documentation upon arrival if you have been vaccinated.
Failure to show up to or reschedule your appointment will result in a $35 no-show fee.